Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center (ASC) provides Lincoln University students with the tools and resources they need to maximize their learning potential. We support students in becoming confident, curious, and engaged life-long learners.


The ASC provides undergraduate students with free peer tutoring for most foundation courses. Peer tutors are Lincoln University students who are passionate about teaching and learning and are knowledgeable in their fields. They have completed the course(s) for which they are tutoring with high marks and/or recommendations from their instructor(s). Peer tutors provide support in one-on-one meetings both virtually and in person. Each tutoring session is one hour.

See a list of tutors by course or subject and book an available appointment.

Subject Guides

Explore online subject guides for additional learning resources such as tutorials, videos, handouts, games, flashcards, and other tools.

Writing and Speaking

We are committed to helping students succeed as clear, effective communicators in informal, academic, and professional settings.


Meet with a Writing Coach at any stage of the writing process. Coaches will guide you to a greater understanding of your writing, helping you identify and correct writing weaknesses, and empowering you to begin editing and revising on your own for success in future projects. (Note: Coaches are not editors and will not correct the grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors of your entire paper.)


Meet with a Presentation Coach to prepare yourself for public speaking, including speeches, oral presentations, team presentations, and visual aid demonstrations. You’ll have the opportunity to practice a presentation and get immediate feedback on your delivery and content. You will also receive a video recording of your practice presentation for self-critique, providing insight to give a more polished presentation in class.

Request a 30-minute meeting with a Writing or Presentation Coach.